archicad concierge


Get personalized one-on-one instruction from our world-class trainers through the ARCHICAD Concierge program.

Book 1/2 hour sessions with the expert(s) of your choice. We recommend bringing your laptop so that you can get help directly with your projects.

Whether you need assistance in a particular area of ARCHICAD or would like advice on how you can be more efficient, our team of experts is happy to help.

While every trainer has extensive experience with ARCHICAD, and you are free to ask questions during the entire event (even at social functions!), here are each trainer’s specific areas of expertise:

Márta Molnár -  Stairs & Railings, Expressions, Curtain Walls and Facades

Ákos Karóczkai - Grasshopper & Rhino, Cinerender, Shell tool, Morph tool, Curtain Wall tool (including facades)

James Murray - GDL, general tips & tricks

Monte Chapin - Business processes, GRAPHISOFT initiatives and ‘big picture’ solutions

Chuck Kottka - BIM Management, BIMcloud & Teamwork

Link Ellis - Templates & Training, general tips & tricks

Chris Clark - Licensing & Sales