2018 TRAINING SESSIONS (a new line-up for 2019 is coming!)

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We’ve hand-picked experts from around the world so you can learn from the best.

Presentations - There will be over 26 hours of ARCHICAD Training content, including noteworthy presentations covering a comprehensive range of topics designed to help you take your practice to the next level. All content will focus on North American architecture and construction. We suggest at least an intermediate level of ARCHICAD knowledge for all attendees. These are high-caliber presentations not intended for beginners. Please see the ARCHICAD Beginner/Intermediate Workshop below which is designed for newer users.

Yours to Keep - We’re sending you home with ALL of the presentations and projects that our world-class trainers created just for this event! AND, you get to keep the BIM6x Power Template Kit, which represents thousands of hours of setup and retails for $399. Patrick May from 4dProof is also providing his 4dProof Template valued at $150, and Jared Banks from Shoegnome will bundle in his Shoegnome Template. John Hallgarth and Jake Timmons also share versions of their templates! The knowledge and materials that you’ll take home from this event will give you exactly what you need to take your practice to the next level.

GRAPHISOFT HQ Presentation - Our friends from GRAPHISOFT HQ in Budapest will reveal an exclusive development roadmap showing the future of ARCHICAD and explain how your ideas and suggestions translate into the final product.

Shape the Future of ARCHICAD with GRAPHISOFT HQ Designers - These hands-on workshops run by the designers and developers from GRAPHISOFT HQ will give you an amazing & unique opportunity to take part in the future development of ARCHICAD! Test prototype features and functions and express your ideas and concerns to the very people who design the program! These are very special events, not offered to the public!

ARCHICAD Beginner/Intermediate Workshop - this hand-on 8 hour course is aimed at newer users who may be accompanying another attendee. During this power-packed course you will touch on ALL 43 of the tools in ARCHICAD 22, as well as dozens of fundamental techniques practiced by experienced ARCHICAD users. The course is completely hand-on (using your own laptop) and we will have trainers available to guide you all the way. This is designed not only as a means to familiarize yourself with the software, but also to experience how a project is modeled in ARCHICAD and how documentation can be automated.

AIA Credits - Attendees will earn AIA Continuing Education credits for relevant classes - approx. 20 credits, including HSW credits!


Mastering Stairs and Railings - MÁRTA MOLNÁR

From GRAPHISOFT’s ‘Queen of Stairs and Railings’, Márta Molnár, learn how to create common US stairs by utilizing Favorites and custom profiled components. Discover the best practices for creating the stairs you need, and learn how to troubleshoot common problems. Typical railings will be covered and you’ll learn what we can and can’t do with these tools. You’ll even learn non-typical situations like using Railings for fences, trees, and roads!


Utilizing Expressions to Automate Data Extraction - MÁRTA MOLNÁR

Harness the incredible power of ARCHICAD 22’s Property Expressions. These complex functions will be explained in simple terms. You’ll be provided a list of all expression meanings and shown how to create relevant examples, combining multiple expressions, assigning them to elements, labeling elements in various views including 3D documents, creating schedules, and using expressions with graphic overrides for auditing. Expressions can open up a new world of automatic information in your projects, including specs and bill of quantities!


Conceptual Design using Rhino and Grasshopper - Ákos Karóczkai

Learn the future of design with the increasingly popular Rhino and Grasshopper direct connection with ARCHICAD. You’ll be amazed how simple it is to use these affordable tools to quickly create conceptual designs and automate repetitive tasks on your type of projects. Use it to create extra geometry or to enhance your manually built ARCHICAD projects through parametric tools with the deconstruct workflow. This is truly impressive and useful information presented by GRAPHISOFT’s resident expert on the subject!


Perfecting Cinerender Techniques for Presentations - Ákos Karóczkai

Create impressive renderings even if you’ve never created a rendering in your life. Learn how to navigate through all those complicated rendering settings and find a direct path to making scenes and amazing images. Fear Cinerender no longer - become your own in-house rendering expert!


Easy Object Making without GDL - James Murray

Explore the various ways to bring objects into ARCHICAD using multiple techniques and solutions. Discover the new Library Part Maker and also master object creation without needing to learn any GDL!  You’ll learn to create your own 2D and 3D parts including objects, labels, title blocks, lamps, window, door, and sub components.


A Business Owners Guide to Maximizing ARCHICAD - Monte Chapin

Acquiring and training staff, managing projects, implementing ArchiCAD and rolling out on pilot projects.


Lessons in BIM Management from a Large ARCHICAD Firm - Chuck Kottka

Chuck is the BIM Manager for Orcutt | Winslow, one of the biggest ARCHICAD firms in North America. Learn from him how they handle their projects and their users based on best-practice techniques. He’ll cover everything from BIMcloud setup and teamwork strategies to template tips and hotlinked modules. You’ll learn to make the most of the newest features, as well as tried and tested tips and tricks. Small firms and even solo practitioners can learn a lot from how the ‘big boys’ do it!


Templates and ARCHICAD Management - Link Ellis

From the master template builder himself, learn how a pre-linked template is constructed, with live demonstrations of creating critical parts, including attributes, viewpoints, views, layouts, publisher sets and even favorites and work environment profiles. We’ll drop in a model and watch as the documentation is automatically created. Full of tips and tricks and how to avoid unexpected pitfalls, this is the ultimate guide to creating a highly efficient template. You’ll also receive a copy of the BIM6x Power Kit as part of the presentation!


Implementing ARCHICAD's Latest Features in Your Practice - CHRIS CLARK & LINK ELLIS

Learn the latest features from ARCHICAD 21 & 22 and how you can implement them into your templates and projects. From Parameter Transfer Settings, Labeling Enhancements, 3D Styles, and Collision Detection in ARCHICAD 21 to Curtain Wall Enhancements, Parametric Profiles, and Updated Attribute Management in ARCHICAD 22, and everything in between, you’ll get a great understanding of how to make the most of these features in your own projects.


ARCHICAD's Best Time-tested Tips & Tricks - CHRIS CLARK

You don't know what you don’t know and we will show you the best ARCHICAD tips and tricks from years of experience and from the best practices for new versions! You’ll be surprised at all the little gems in this presentation and they’ll save your staff countless hours and save you a lot of money!


Working COLLABORATIVELY - Jake Timmons

Riverstone Structural Concepts has been working with ARCHICAD Architects and Designers for over 8 years. Learn from their immense experience how online collaboration works with BIMcloud. Full of real-world anecdotes and teamworking tips & tricks, Jake will explain how powerful & efficient the workflow can be. You’ll gain insight into what happens on the engineer’s side of the process, including what template structure they use, their attributes, even the connection they make to their structural applications. With a better understanding of the process, you can deliver projects with confidence while saving a lot of time, money and effort!


Using Point Clouds & VIRTUAL REALITY in Real-world Applications - Ken Adler

Learn from Ken Adler's extensive experience how to create ARCHICAD models from point clouds, scanned on existing projects and how VR & Matterport can be utilized to bring projects to life!